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Live, customizable training programs and keynotes are a quick and efficient way to begin the process of improving workplace culture and performance. Choose an in-person or online experience, and tailor the duration from an hour to several days. With topics ranging from diversity to negotiation to optimizing meetings and beyond, there’s sure to be a training that will inspire and elevate your team.

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conflict coaching

From workplace problems to positive outcomes





The Problem

Lack of trust between employees and managers

Positive Outcome

Managers who speak and listen with skill, leading to effective communication with employees

The Problem

Absence of psychological safety

Positive Outcome

Secure, positive work environment that promotes employee wellbeing and maximizes employee performance

The Problem

Poor negotiating skills that prevent collaborative problem solving

Positive Outcome

Trained team members feel empowered to listen, debate and negotiate so all can benefit

The Problem

Communication breakdowns and inability to have difficult conversations

Positive Outcome

Ability to de-escalate conflict and have conversations on any subject

The Problem

Lack of acceptance of new manager hired from outside or promoted from within

Positive Outcome

Confident, well-accepted manager who understands, connects with and motivates the team

Live, custom training tailored to your unique needs

Our training is targeted to your specific situation, with scenarios that mirror actual work experience. And with live presenters guiding role-playing exercises, we address real questions in real time. Your team will be more engaged, making the learning more impactful.

And we are flexible, experienced and multi-modal. Only have an hour and need something action-packed and practical? No problem. You have several days and need a presenter skilled in long-form workshops? We fill that bill. Team working from home? Our camera-ready presenters command attention from remote and hybrid workers. With our customized approach, your business gets exactly what it needs.

Leadership training

Leadership training

Managers are the pivot point between a well-functioning culture and a dysfunctional one. Equip your managers with the skills to de-escalate conflict, build trust and motivate teams.
Optimal performance

Optimal performance

Empowered workers perform better. Our employee development training gets everyone engaged and working together toward a shared goal.
Workplace well-being

Workplace Well-Being

Psychological safety is a core issue in many organizations with diverse workforces. Improve your team’s ability to welcome, understand and integrate different perspectives.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Neutrality is at the core of our approach. We push no agenda, and we take no sides. This gives us credibility and builds a safe environment where each party feels heard and treated equally.
  • We involve each stakeholder and bring them along on the journey, building a strong base for the future. By focusing on inclusivity, we work to restore broken communication and create lasting change.
  • As part of JAMS, the world’s largest alternative dispute resolution provider, we see—and resolve—over 23,000 disputes of all kinds each year. Our work gives us a unique perspective on the value of effective early intervention.

Customized programs


Proven Success

  • Our lead facilitators, Richard Birke, Genesis Fisher and Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher, are thought leaders in conflict resolution. They set the highest standards in the industry and train all our team members.
  • Our services are tailored to your company, your industry, and your team’s specific needs. Not sure how much help you need? Let’s discuss an approach that works for you.

Rooted in neutrality


Thought leaders in conflict resolution


The training was incredible, one of the best of many, many trainings that I've taken. It was well organized, and the facilitators were amazing teachers with great insight. I learned a lot.
Attorney, Government agency

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