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We believe that any workplace conflict can be solved.Our unique, inclusive approach restores communication and helps you turn the corner on conflict.

Why choose JAMS Pathways?

We are part of JAMS, the world’s leading private provider of alternative dispute resolution services. We bring decades of experience and success in dispute resolution and conflict prevention.

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How is JAMS Pathways different?

As longtime leaders in alternative dispute resolution, we are experienced in using a neutral, third-party perspective to resolve conflicts in formal proceedings like arbitration, mediation and litigation. But there are also informal challenges and conflicts that can keep your organization from reaching its goals. Resolving those problems before they lead to serious harm or a formal process has benefits throughout your organization.

JAMS Pathways was established to fill the need for skilled early conflict intervention. Our highly trained facilitators create a safe space and guardrails for your team to have challenging conversations and design their own workable solutions to advance organizational goals.


Neutrality is at the core of our approach. We push no agenda, and we take no sides. This gives us credibility and builds a safe environment where each party feels heard and treated equally.


We involve each stakeholder and bring them along on the journey, building a strong base for the future. By focusing on inclusivity, we restore broken communication and create lasting change.


Our services are tailored to your company, your industry and your team’s specific needs, and so are our prices. We’ll work together to develop a plan and a budget that suit you.

Thought Leaders in Conflict Resolution

Our lead facilitators, Richard Birke, Deirdre Gallagher and Genesis Fisher, set the highest standards in the industry and train all our team members.
Richard, Deirdre and Genesis have decades of experience as mediators, educators, lawyers, writers and trainers. They have studied, lectured and written about psychology, negotiation theory, interpersonal dynamics, economics, law, strategic behavior, culture, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through experience in hundreds of conflicts, they have successfully blended their knowledge into a fresh, multidisciplinary approach.

Meet our team of Facilitators and Program Coordinators

Is your business in a vicious cycle or a virtuous circle?

JAMS Pathways helps you turn business conflicts into success opportunities.
  • Toxic or conflict-filled work environment

  • Stressed, dissatisfied team members

  • Employee disengagement and turnover

  • Underperforming business

  • Effective communication

  • Happy, engaged employees

  • Productive teams

  • Organizational goals achieved

Our programs help create healthy work environments, foster employee retention and give your organization the tools to solve problems and increase workplace productivity.

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

In our signature four-phase PATH process, experienced facilitators assess your unique needs and design a custom process to help your team chart a path out of conflict.
Performance Training & Keynotes

Performance Training & Keynotes

We offer live, customizable trainings and keynotes on topics ranging from diversity to negotiation to optimizing meetings and beyond.
Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

We’ll work with you at your location or virtually, for one hour to several months depending on your goals.
Backed by JAMS

Backed by JAMS

As part of JAMS, a world leader in conflict resolution, we are supported by hundreds of ADR professionals worldwide. Choosing JAMS Pathways signals to your stakeholders that problems are being taken seriously and are in capable hands.

Meet our facilitators


JAMS designed and implemented a process that helped our faculty and staff rebuild trust and heal following a difficult period. We are grateful for JAMS’ expertise, professionalism, and hard work.
Provost, Higher Education Institution

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There’s no one way to run a healthy organization, so our pricing is as customized as our programs. Let’s talk about your needs.

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In this practical step-by-step playbook, our experienced facilitators give you the tools and tips to create a happier more engaged workforce, and boost productivity by creating psychological safety at work.


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