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Conflict Prevention
& Resolution Program

In our signature four-phase PATH process, experienced facilitators assess your unique needs. Then they design a custom process to teach your team to have productive conversations about differences and to chart a path
out of conflict.

Workplace Performance
Training & Keynotes

Pathways offers live, customizable training programs and keynotes on topics ranging from diversity to negotiation to optimizing meetings and beyond.
Choose an in-person or online experience and tailor the duration
as you wish.


At your location or virtual


From hours to months
based on your needs


Tailored pricing plans

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Conflict Resolution

Transform Workplace Conflict Into Team Unity and Business Performance

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Positive Outcome

The Problem

Tension between employees that disrupts team performance

Positive Outcome

Effective communication between employees who know how to have difficult conversations

The Problem

Conflict between team leaders that interferes with department operations

Positive Outcome

Efficient team collaboration toward common goals

The Problem

Perceived workplace discrimination that isolates some members

Positive Outcome

Inclusive workplace environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity

The Problem

Toxic workplace environment where people feel psychologically unsafe and reluctant to engage

Positive Outcome

Positive workplace culture where employees are eager to contribute

The Problem

Burnout, absenteeism and low morale lead to employee turnover

Positive Outcome

Work satisfaction leads to increased productivity and employee retention

Step by step, our phased training transforms
organizational conflict into business performance

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Preliminary Assessment

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Analysis & Early Intervention

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Targeted Topics, Workshops & Conversations

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Highlighting Progress & Mapping Next Steps

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For organizations where conflict or tension is hindering performance

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Our unique conflict prevention and resolution programs

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Help you break through communication barriers

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So that you can boost productivity, retain employees and leave conflict behind


Inspire and train your team so they can perform at their best

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Managers are the pivot point between a well-functioning culture and a dysfunctional one. Equip your managers with the skills to de-escalate conflict, build trust and motivate teams.
Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance

Empowered workers perform better. Our employee development training gets everyone engaged and working together toward a shared goal.
Workplace Well-Being

Workplace Well-Being

Psychological safety is a core issue in many organizations with diverse workforces. Improve your team’s ability to welcome, understand and integrate different perspectives.
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Customized Client Solutions

There’s no one way to run a healthy organization, and our pricing is as customized as our approach. Let’s talk about your needs.

Download our streamlined guide

The Leader's Blueprint to Managing Conflict

In this practical, step-by-step playbook, our experienced facilitators explain how to efficiently resolve workplace conflict to create unity and drive mission-focused success.

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