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There’s no single way to run a healthy organization, so our approach is customized to your unique situation. We’ll work together to develop a plan and a budget that work for you.

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The Leader's Blueprint to Managing Conflict

A streamlined guide to creating unity and driving mission-focused success
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Unlocking Psychological Safety

Tools and tips to create a happier, more engaged workforce and boost productivity
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What types of services does JAMS Pathways offer?

We offer a wide range of conflict solutions tailored to your unique, specific needs. In some cases, a one or two-day training program or keynote presentation can put an organization on the road to a better future; in other cases, a multi-phased approach, featuring a mix of interviews, planning sessions, workshops, and facilitated dialogues, may be more appropriate. Our work often focuses on building communication and negotiation skills, as well as navigating differences among stakeholders. Before starting any program, we work with you to understand your culture and identify the best fit for your situation. All of our programs are live and fully customized, and they are run by facilitators with the soft skills and specialized knowledge to help your team collaborate and problem-solve.

What is JAMS Pathways?

JAMS Pathways is an early conflict resolution service that helps you prevent or solve workplace problems before they cause serious harm to your organization or require a formal process like arbitration, mediation or litigation. Our highly trained facilitators create a safe space and guardrails for your team to have challenging conversations and design their own workable solutions. Our goal is to create healthy workplaces, foster employee retention and give your organization the tools to solve problems as they arise.

Why is customized live training preferable to lower-cost recorded options?

When your team has only a limited amount of time for training, it’s critical to capture and keep their attention. And let’s face it, it’s difficult to engage an audience with a recorded training video. On the other hand, experienced live speakers know how to draw in audiences with questions, anecdotes and activities. A recorded experience simply offers too many distractions and, before you know it, multitasking employees will be filling out time sheets and checking their phones instead of watching and learning. In addition, customized live training goes where recorded options can’t, because it’s designed to be relevant to the specific issues the audience is facing. Instead of sitting through 55 minutes of generalities for five minutes of enlightenment, their time (and your investment) is fully optimized.

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Customized Client Solutions

There’s no one way to run a healthy organization, and our pricing is as customized as our approach. Let’s talk about your needs.

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The Leader's Blueprint to Managing Conflict

In this practical, step-by-step playbook, our experienced facilitators explain how to efficiently resolve workplace conflict to create unity and drive mission-focused success.


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Unlocking Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

In this practical step-by-step playbook, our experienced facilitators give you the tools and tips to create a happier more engaged workforce, and boost productivity by creating psychological safety at work.

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