Conflict Prevention & Resolution Program

Conflict Prevention & Resolution Program

Create lasting, positive change now.
Transform workplace conflict into team unity and business performance with our PATH program.

Is your business in a vicious cycle or a virtuous circle?

JAMS Pathways helps you turn business conflicts into success opportunities.
  • Toxic or conflict-filled work environment

  • Stressed, dissatisfied team members

  • Employee disengagement and turnover

  • Underperforming business

  • Effective communication

  • Happy, engaged employees

  • Productive teams

  • Organizational goals achieved

Did you know?


Positive company culture can increase revenue by 4x. (Source: forbes.com)

Workplace satisfaction can boost productivity by 31%. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

A 10% increase in employee engagement can boost profits by $2,400 per employee per year. (Source: Workplace Research Foundation)

Step by step, our phased approach transforms workplace conflict into business performance


Step 1

Preliminary Assesment


Step 2

Analysis & Early Intervention


Step 3

Targeted Topics, Workshops & Conversations


Step 4

Highlighting Progress & Mapping Next Steps

Step 1

Preliminary Assesment

Step 2

Analysis & Early Intervention

Step 3

Targeted Topics, Workshops & Conversations

Step 4

Highlighting Progress & Mapping Next Steps

Identify challenges and needs

We dive deep into your culture, interviewing or surveying key stakeholders to uncover your goals and the obstacles that may be impeding team success. Bringing in impartial dispute resolvers restores trust and signals your commitment to positive change.

Mapping the path forward

Using what we’ve learned, we design an intervention that fits your unique situation, identifying the skills, participants and support needed for productive, candid conversations. Special attention is given to creating a safe, confidential space for all team members.

Finding solutions together

Excitement builds as your team participates in workshops, one-on-one meetings and facilitated dialogues to uncover issues and craft and critique options tailored to your needs. These activities create common ground and a framework for challenging conversations. A guided process for communication and brainstorming leads to creative solutions from your team, for your team.

Reflection and planning ahead

We look back at what you’ve accomplished and forward to see how you can keep the momentum going. During this step, we reflect on lessons learned and create a concrete roadmap to help improvements continue after we leave.
Conflict Resolution

Transform workplace conflict into team unity and business performance

Problem icon


Outcome icon


The Problem

Tension between employees that disrupts team performance

Positive Outcome

Effective communication between employees who know how to have difficult conversations

The Problem

Conflict between team leaders that interferes with department operations

Positive Outcome

Team collaborates efficiently toward common goals

The Problem

Perceived workplace discrimination that isolates some members

Positive Outcome

Inclusive workplace environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity

The Problem

Toxic workplace environment where people feel psychologically unsafe and reluctant to engage

Positive Outcome

Positive workplace culture where employees are eager to contribute

The Problem

Burnout, absenteeism and low morale lead to employee turnover

Positive Outcome

Work satisfaction leads to increased productivity and employee retention
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Why Choose Us?

  • Neutrality is at the core of our approach. We push no agenda, and we take no sides. This gives us credibility and builds a safe environment where each party feels heard and treated equally.
  • We involve each stakeholder and bring them along on the journey, building a strong base for the future. By focusing on inclusivity, we restore broken communication and create lasting change.
  • As part of JAMS, the world’s largest alternative dispute resolution provider, we see—and resolve—over 23,000 disputes of all kinds each year. Our work gives us a unique perspective on the value of effective early intervention.

Customized programs


Proven success

  • Our lead facilitators, Richard Birke, Genesis Fisher and Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher, are thought leaders in conflict resolution. They set the highest standards in the industry and train all our team members.
  • Our services are tailored to your company, your industry and your team’s specific needs. We’ll work together to develop a plan and a budget that work for you.

Rooted in neutrality


Thought leaders in conflict resolution

Our management team found the JAMS presentation to be very beneficial, and it was presented in a manner that made our team comfortable with their own participation. Some of our folks shared very personal experiences as managers, and I think our team benefited from the honesty and experience of both the presenter and their fellow team members.
CEO of a Critical-Access Hospital
JAMS worked tirelessly with our organization to create a tailored training program that our employee relations team could utilize immediately. The sessions were engaging and fun ensuring participant retention of key concepts.
Employee Relations Partner, Biopharmaceutical Company


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From hours to months, based on your needs


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