Is Talking Politics (or Religion) Ever a Good Idea at Work?


It is important to separate politics from workplace discussions due to increasing polarization.
Political identities deeply influence self-perception and relationships, complicating common ground.
Politics at the office

Navigating political and religious conversations in the workplace has always been a delicate endeavor. As election season heats up and personal beliefs become topics of daily discussion, the lines between professional and personal can start to blur. In the latest article from Diversity Woman Magazine, professionals like Kristen Fowler and Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher weigh in on when and how to engage in these discussions responsibly.

"Our political identities are intertwined with how we see ourselves and others, which makes it a herculean task to find common ground when we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum."

For those unsure about joining in on politically charged or religious conversations at work, learn more about how to effectively handle these sensitive topics by reading the full article here.

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