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Genesis Fisher

Lead Facilitator and Trainer
Genesis Fisher

Genesis Fisher helps businesses and NGOs manage conflict so they can get back to work. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching, facilitated conversations and conflict resolution training, she gets people talking so they can share their frustrations, address differences and repair trust. By connecting with the emotional issues that often drive organizational conflict, she guides clients toward creative, unexpected solutions.

“People need to feel heard and understood before we can delve into strengths, weaknesses, and possible solutions. Where [I] excel is in the ability to hold opposing stories as true and explain points in ways that meet the parties where they are.”

With nearly 10 years as a certified mediator, Genesis is adept at facilitating positive change. Her trainings and workshops have helped over 2,500 people in six countries communicate better in the workplace. A sought-after teacher, writer and speaker, she serves on the Advisory Committee for the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution, which provides conflict resolution services for over 70 New York City agencies.


Work Vision

To help people in conflict better understand each other and uncover solutions they didn’t know existed


Patience, curiosity, creativity, thoroughness

Areas of Focus

Workplace dispute resolution, ranging from nonprofits and NGOs to government entities and corporations

Our Facilitators Team

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