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Randa Trapp

Facilitator and Trainer
Randa Trapp

From serving in the military to serving as a judge, Randa Trapp brings a wealth of life experiences that help organizations work through conflicts. Her ability to connect with people of diverse cultures, races, ethnicities and faiths provides a strong foundation for building trust and resolving differences. 

Growing up in the turbulent ’60s, I saw people working together to resolve social issues. While they did not always reach those goals, I was intrigued by the concept of peaceful coexistence.”

A recognized community leader who has broken through many racial and gender barriers, Randa approaches every challenge as an opportunity for positive change. She is patient and tenacious in overcoming obstacles and helping people resolve conflict with their dignity intact. Randa is a frequent speaker on implicit bias as well as all aspects of civil litigation and jury trials.


Work Vision

To bring people together to work as a team



Areas of Focus

Workplace issues; diversity, equity and inclusion

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